Phosphate Fertilizers



  • Supply plant with nitrogen and phosphorous elements which are essential macro-untrients
  • Supply plant with calcium and sculpture
  • Fasting plant roots on soil and strengthens them against pests
  • Giving plant more opportunity for carrying out its biological functions including sprouting – vegetation growth and crop ripeness
  • Represents the ideal condition for decreasing both alkalinity and salinity of the soil to be reclaimed and improving productivity of the cultivated lands
  • Preferably used in both desert and calcareous soils
  • Used as slow release fertilizer
  • Treated to mix with nitrogenous fertilizers without any hydrolysis or cacking







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Mecca for export and supply Is one of working companies in the field of import and export of phosphate and mining ores and phosphate fertilizers to its customers in the Middle East and Near East and Asia

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