Phosphate Fertilizers



  • Pure crystalline fertilizer, fully soluble in water (950 g/L), suitable to be used with irrigation water in pivot, drip, NFT and sprinkler irrigation systems, and as foliar spray (3-5 g/L).
  • Contains high N- percentage as urea, which make it more efficient source for both N&P, at flowering stage.
  • Highly acidic fertilizer, which making urea more efficient-N source as compared to its application alone, and making micronutrients more available to plants and reducing its application as fertilizers.
  • Boosts rooting and improves flowering.
  • Increases tillering and production of grain crops (wheat & rice).
  • Accelerates maturity and increases crop yield and quality.
  • Free of chlorine, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants.
  • Enhances plants tolerance against a biotic (drought, frost) and biotic (insects & diseases) stresses.



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